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Useful tips to make your house ready for rent Are you going to rent out your house? Then there is a lot of things that you have to take into account. It must be clean and the potential tenants must feel at home immediately upon arrival. We share our tips in two categories: permanent rental and temporary letting via, for example, Airbnb. With our tips you have a new tenant in no time!

For inspiration, also take a look at  this inner viewer.  This house has a stylish, minimalist interior, but is fully equipped.


Source:  Alvhem

Permanent rental

1. Everything spik and span

This first tip may be superfluous, but super important. A clean, fresh house looks much more attractive than when it is a mess! We have a lot of tips:

2. Show what the tenant can do with the space

There are people who can not see the space without furniture. Does the house have an extra small (bed) room, where you are worried that potential tenants will refuse this? Then place a bed and a closet in the room so that the tenants can see that the extra room can also be used as a bedroom. The same applies to the living room. With a couch and a dining table you can see what is possible in the room!


Source:  Alvhem

3. Focus on the benefits of the house

Does the house have a nice view? Curtains open! Does the apartment have a nice balcony? Leave the path for free, so that the potential tenants can easily find their way to the balcony.

4. A lick of paint works wonders

You do well to give dark walls a white lick of paint. We like a colored wall, but dark red or matte black does not suit everyone. White or off-white always do well. A house with light walls, that is exactly what you want!


Source:  Amber Interiors

5. Fully equipped

Tenants are quicker to persuade when there is already a floor, a kitchen with appliances and maybe even neutral curtains. Simply because the tenant does not have that much. It is an investment, but especially when you plan to rent it for a longer period of time it is definitely worth it!


Source:  Villa Nicola

Temporary rental as a holiday residence

1. Attractive photos

The rental of your house starts with good photos where the space is truthful. And you can not take pictures with your smartphone! You can have professional photos taken via Airbnb. Do you have a good photographic eye and good camera? Then you can also take the photos yourself. Photograph of the entire space and facilities as well as  nicely styled corners . Atmosphere is also important! Check  this article  for more tips for interior photography.

2. Here also applies: good cleaning!

Check the tips above for a spik and span house. If necessary, hire a cleaner who can call you when new guests arrive. Did you know that your guests feel right at home through a nice smell? This Room (ed) Homespray  is made with only three ingredients. That way your house always smells nice and fresh!

3. Tips from the local

I have arranged my stay several times through Airbnb and I like it. During my holiday in Tokyo the landlord of our stay had made a bag with Japanese sweets. So much fun! Because of such small things, your guests immediately feel at home.

Extra tip: make a list of festivals, your favorite restaurants or bars and directions to the most important museums and other places of interest. This way you can discover the city as a real  local !

4. Care products, towels and so on

For the traveler it is super useful if he / she does not think about shampoo, shower gel and towels. Or course saves space in the suitcase! A hair dryer and hairspray are certainly appreciated by your guests. We got this tip from Matty, owner or a beautiful church in Ravenstein, which she has as a holiday residence. We visited this beautiful location and shot  this inside viewer.


So, now you are ready for it. Are you curious about the most popular Airbnbs in the Netherlands? This is the top 3!

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