Frequently asked questions

What does HostMyBnB do?

We offer full service (Air) bnb management.

You know, all that work or that is involved to let your property online. Listing with Airbnb, styling your rooms, taking photos, add your listing and then move on to the other sites. Manage bookings and enquiries, key transfers, cleaning up and answering all the questions for local information. We take care of all the headaches so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday.  All the while making money with your home.  No stress.  We do it all.

Who uses HostMyBnB?

Actually, anyone who wants to rent his house can approach us for (Air) bnb property management.

This includes owners who want to earn more with short-stay rental or people with long absences who want to rent their home while they are absent. Whether it is for 14 days or 60 days, you get peace of mind with our fully managed service.

My house is not currently online. Can I still use HostMyBnB?

Yes, of course you can!

If your home is not already listed as an (Air) BnB is we can easily arrange it for you. We can also style your home for photos, and you will be listed on other booking sites like to maximise your profile.

Where is HostMyBnB currently active?

At present we are focusing more on giving the best service to homeowners in and around Amsterdam.

Soon Rotterdam, then we have the ambition to become a nationally operating organization.

How do I start?


Fill out the form below. We will contact you for more information about you and your home, and answer any question or queries that you may have. Then, when you are interested, we will send a team to meet you, examine your home, and help you through the process.

Does HostMyBnB exchange keys with my guests?

Yes, of course we do!

Not only that we also show your guests around your home and amenities. No matter what day or time, we welcome your guests and ensure that they are welcomed and everything is clear. We even show where the remote control is, where to deposit waste, and handle everything else you want us to give your guests.

Does HostMyBnB clean my house before and after every guest?

Yes, of course we do!

We offer a complete management service for Airbnb rentals and that includes all your cleaning needs. We work with reliable and trustworthy cleaners who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves. As part of our service, we check your property before and after each clean to make sure each job meets our high standards.

Can you replace the basic stocks when each guest leaves?

Yes, of course we can!

According to a fixed stock list that you provide, we can top up items after each guest. Based on our experience, and your budget, we may also recommend a number of things that we think they belong as basic in your home. Things like shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, salt and pepper, corkscrew, olive oil and perhaps a bottle of freshly squeezed juice!

I understand that HostMyBnB gives me a new email address, but I still get (Air) bnb email after I changed it?

Yes, you still receive (Air) bnb email.

The change in email allows us to manage your account and do all the work. You always have full access to your (Air) bnb account, including the receipt of all of their email.

Do you communicate with my guests as HostMyBnB or under my name?

That’s up to you.

We recommend that we introduce ourselves as HostMyBnB, their personal on-call concierge for their stay. We find that when guests are aware that they have a dedicated host, they call or email us with any questions – and they don’t bother you.

Does HostMyBnB take care of reviews and feedback from guests?

Yes, of course we do!

We are more than happy to respond to feedback and manage your bnb reputation. If you prefer to do it yourself you are of course free to do so. Should an occassion arise that we need to respond to the reaction of a specific guest, we will contact and discuss with you.

Does using HostMyBnB affect my Airbnb rating?

Yes, our property management Airbnb management affects your rating ….. but positively!

Because we respond to all requests for information at any time of the day or night, we can guarantee that people who see your offer will receive the attention they deserve. As a result your visibility of your listing is improved because Airbnb rewards attentive hosts.

Can HostMyBnB increase the returns on my property?

Yes, of course!

We analyse the market, making the most of events and seasonal bookings. We actively monitor your listings and are on top of any last minute cancellations, rebooking for maximum profit.

What do you charge for your services?

We charge 20% of the total rental income for our Airbnb management management services (incl VAT) and a fee for cleaning paid by the guests. We use specific criteria to be able to accurately predict both occupancy and daily rates.

What happens in the event of damage to the property?

We do everything in our power to ensure that your property is well cared for. We screen your guests before they can make the booking. We confirm that they have been I.D. checked and have positive references. In case they do not have sufficient credentials we investigate even further before making any decision.

Moreover, we check your house with a condition report before and after guests depart to make sure everything is in order. If something is missing, we know. You can also contact us and we will address the issue. We recommend as our member landlords to invest in a HOME SHARING LIABILITY INSURANCE (is there a dutch counterpart at …… ??

Can I use HostMyBnB if I rent my home?

HostMyBnB follows the guidelines set down by (Air) bnb and local government regulations.  We suggest you check your lease papers and obtain written approval from you landlord before proceeding.

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